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Animal Assistance Program (AAP)

The AAP is a program created to help owners keep their pets in situations where they cannot house their animal but can still provide their basic needs. We will use our foster contact to find a suitable home based on your pet and ensure they are cared for and in a home while you relocate. We ultimately will help care for your animal's welfare.

It is expected that the owner be financially responsible for the animal(s) while temporarily in our care. If you cannot support your animal financially; please consider surrendering to ensure that we can provide all care necessary to your animal while you cannot. Please note: If surrendering you are signing your animal over to us and we will ultimately be the owners. To be eligible to adopt you must first apply.

Definition of Basic Care

Basic care includes but not limited to litter, food, grooming, and basic veterinary care. Extensive veterinary care will be discussed with the owner on a case by case basis.

Basic veterinary care includes but not limited to vaccinations, medications, spay/neuter.

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