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Adoption: frequently asked questions

Adoptin Fee

Why does it cost so much to adopt?

In order for CareFurYou to fulfill our goals of rescuing animals and ensuring we can provide veterinary care and other care for the animals we have. The fact of getting a "free" animal is in fact not free. A responsible pet owner would be inclined to provide veterinary care to their new pet. The fact is - this cost an exuberate amount. So I think you will agree that we will provide you some pretty great savings. 

Check out the comparison below, we reviewed our personal records to gather the full cost of how much it would be to provide the animals the care that is needed. This identifies the base cost, does not include, additional investigations that may be necessary. 

Adoption Includes.JPG

What are your adoption fees?

Our adoption fees are as follows as of January 19th, 2021.


Under 2 years of  age                                                                           500$

2 years - 9 years                                                                                    400$

10+ years                                                                                                250$


Up to 1 year                                                                                           700$

1 year - 8 years                                                                                      550$

9+ years                                                                                                  400$

Who can adopt?

We need to ensure that our animals end up in the most loving, appropriate homes for the animal. We ensure we think of the animal when choosing an adopter. 

Our ideal person would be someone who is:

  • Applicant 18 years or older

  • Not on a "do not adopt" list

  • Have not rehomed a pet in the past (circumstantial)

  • Provide a mid-high quality food

  • Financially stable

  • Appropriate References

  • Ability to attend scheduled meet and greets

  • Must demonstrate the same opinion regarding alterations (no breeding)

  • Must follow processes and respect the process of adoption

Who can adopt

What is the process?

First you must apply - no decision can even be rendered without all of the information. You can do that here.

Once your application has been received - it will be reviewed, your references will be called and a home inspection will be scheduled. At this time we are completing these through video chat.  Our main source of communication is Facebook Messenger.

Once approved, you will be added to a group chat or a phone call will be made directly to you. This group chat will consist of yourself, the foster and your members of the rescue that are required. You will discuss the animal with the foster and can schedule a meet and greet. DUE TO COVID-19; PLEASE RESPECT SOCIAL DISTANCING AND WEAR A MASK!

After the meeting has happened, we will discuss with you the next steps. Please ensure to have your choice of adoption made.

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