Foster FAQ


Do we need to pay for supplies?

No you don't. We will provide you with any supplies you may need while your are fostering an animal. You may also choose to provide these supplies as a donation but we ask that you declare those to us so we can account for them. Please do not purchase anything if you are going to require a reimbursement as those should be discussed with the foster team prior to get approval 

What if we fall in love with our foster?

This happens alot; it is important to note that if foster associates wish to adopt their foster pet, they must follow the process just as an adopter would. So this would be apply for adoption, get approved, fee and contract. We will treat you just as anyone else, we will not provide favoritism. So in short if you are intending to adopt, apply for Foster to Adopt, that way you can foster until you find that right fit for you. 

How long does it take to be approved?

We try to process the applications once they come in, but there are delays when we are trying to reach your references. We must also complete a home inspection and then approved foster will be added into a Facebook group where we will keep in contact with when a foster is required, and support can be provided. 

Where do the animals get vet care?

We currently have 1 main veterinary team we work with and they are located in Sturgeon Falls, if you cannot commit to driving your animal to the vet, that is okay!! We can ask our volunteer drivers to bring them on appointment days, you just need to be available for the pick up and drop off.